Our team of Sports Business Classroom alumni came together to create a comprehensive resource surrounding the business of basketball. Here you will find a one-stop shop for transactions, draft capital, contract/league deadlines, upcoming free agents, and salary cap figures for all 30 teams. NTC’s objective is to provide easily digestible insights for fans, NBA executives, and everyone in between – in the aforementioned categories.
Please connect with us on one of our social media pages, or by using the contact information listed below. We love hearing from our audience and hope this leads to fruitful relationships as we continue to pursue job opportunities within the basketball industry.

Anil Gogna

Co-Founder of No Trade Clause, Anil is our primary Cap Specialist, as he works to break into a basketball operations role. In addition to our cap sheets, Anil also built & manages our Trade Machine. He joins the NTC team with over 10 years of sales experience & 6 years of management experience.

Aaron Washington

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, currently resides in the Atlanta metro area. Armed with a Bachelors in Sports Management, he has taken his talents to the government sector, specifically within the Parks & Recreation field. Years ago he discovered a passion for all things related to basketball operations, which led him to pursue a full-time career in the NBA. This journey led him to become a podcaster and writer for his own entity called Business Casual Basketball for over four years. Now he has taken on a prominent role as a podcaster and site manager for NTC. He’s also a proud Alumni of Sports Business Classroom 2020. Miami Heat fan for life.

Oliver Arruda

Originally from Cleveland, Oliver studied Business Administration at American University in Washington, DC. While at American, Oliver gained experience at the grassroots level as a Recruiting Coordinator/Tournament Director with Hoop Group, the collegiate level as Head Manager of American’s basketball program, and the professional level as a Basketball Operations Assistant with TBT. In recent seasons Oliver has consulted NBPA agents around the country in basketball strategy, and currently works as a video scout with Sports Info Solutions.

Ali Shafique

You’ll find Ali using his data visualization and graphic design skills to break down the NBA CBA. He hopes to help his future clients reach new heights as an aspiring basketball agent + athlete marketer with his growing knowledge of the NBA CBA, passion for community relations, along with his growing career in advertising. Ali also has consulted NBPA agents around the country on market + client research. After finishing his undergraduate coursework from the University of Arizona in 2019, Ali taught middle school math + science while coaching the boys + girls basketball team. He’s currently a Senior Strategist with Horizon, primarily focused on sports advertising.

Colin Maher

Colin is an NBA salary cap strategist and collective bargaining agreement expert. He is well-versed in the intricacies of the salary cap and the legal ins and outs of the CBA. He has a familiarity with data analytics and applies analytics to roster building in the form of payroll efficiency as it relates to the salary cap. Finally, Colin has been a practicing attorney for almost ten years. He previously ran his own law firm and is now an administrative law judge in Tennessee.

Aaron Pearlstein

Aaron Pearlstein is a Master’s Student at Tulane University pursuing a master’s in Business Analytics. Aaron runs a scouting & consulting company, AP Scouting & Consulting, LLC, helping agencies recruit and pitch new clients and overall client management. He was also an undergrad student manager at Tulane for 4 years.