By Max Rosenberg


Here we are folks, just a few days before the draft and more than halfway through our Combine Report for 2022. Game 3 saw our highest scoring affair with Team Johnson winning 113 – 107 besting Team Weaver. Even though they came up short, Team Weaver had 2 players with double-doubles that showed their skills in different ways. We’re going to take a deeper dive into those players and what they contributed to their teams as well as what scouts and executives saw on the court and how it may help them.

Team Weaver’s best player in Game 3 has been making a steady climb up draft boards recently. Andrew Nembhard showed exactly why in this game. Finishing with a double-double with 26 points while dishing out 11 assists, Nembhard showed he is capable of running the show and distributing to players in their best positions to score. He is floor general through and through and only had a single turnover in this game. Gonzaga may end up with two first round picks depending on any movement in the late first round and team needs in those positions. I see Nembhard being in that 27-35 range pick wise. Nembhard also hit just about 56% of his shots from the field, although his shot selection from deep could have been much better, only 2-9 from three. He was more offense oriented during this game, and while we know he can score if you’ve watched him at Gonzaga, he is known as a tenacious defender as well. A four-year player who spent time with the Gators at the beginning of his career, has continued to grow as a player with his time in Spokane. Coach Few has done a great job elevating the program and recruiting winning talent year in and year out consistently now. 

Next up, also from Team Weaver is Kofi Cockburn. If Kofi was a college player 15 years earlier, he would be in contention for a top 5 pick. He’s a more traditional back to the basket type of center that would flourish in the NBA of recent memory but in today’s position less game, it’s tough to figure out where he would fit. Kofi also had a double-double for Team Weaver with 19 points and 11 rebounds. 6 of those rebounds were on the offensive end, showing he does have a nose for the ball. He also had 2 steals to show for his defensive intensity. All of Cockburn’s made baskets were inside the paint but he did launch an attempt from deep. Kofi more than likely is a late second round pick or undrafted (this seems more likely) unfortunately due to his lack of an offensive game outside of put backs or overpowering his defender down low. He is not a big threat outside of the 5-7 foot range. His ballhandling skill level is minimal at best and he also has no playmaking abilities that have been displayed. He showed us much of what we had already known about him and his game. 

Team Johnson’s leading point getter was Drew Timme. His game was covered in our last report and Timme has also decided to return to school. Who we will focus on today though is Georgetown’s Aminu Mohammed. In his 24 minutes he shot 50% from the field, 80% from the charity stripe, scored 18 points, had 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. He’s the type of player who can get where he wants on the floor and not much can stop him when his mind is made up. He is strong and athletic while having the ability to add muscle to his frame.  Very good defensively jumping passing lanes and disrupting Team Weavers offense. Measured a 6’11” wingspan, his length can certainly be utilized by as he is very coachable and can defend multiple positions. Great second jump on rebounds, at Georgetown, averaged 3 offensive rebounds a game and 8 total rebounds, above average for a wing player. Mohammed definitely needs to show some restraint as he had 5 fouls and 3 turnovers though during the game. He’s only been playing basketball since the age of 14, so there are certain nuances still being learned by him. Younger players do tend to over commit to defensive schemes and try to use their athleticism or length, maybe both in his case depending on the circumstance, to make an impact and go a tad too far and get whistled for those fouls. Aminu will most likely end up another late 2nd round pick. I do feel he has a better shot of being drafted than Cockburn due to his abilities and place in the current game. 

Have you updated your draft board at home yet? Where do you have these players going on your big board? Are you ready for Thursday’s big night? Don’t get too far ahead. This week will be sure to be chock full of news and features here. Our last combine report will drop in a few days and then we’ve officially hit offseason territory. Keep checking the site for updates and more as we cover anything and everything you could ever need here.