What’s Going On in Round 2?

We’re back in the saddle as the Conference Semi-Finals get underway! In this episode, join hosts Aaron Washington & Avi Tyagi take note of how all four series have progressed so far. Let’s discuss whether or not the Nuggets are cooked after two games against the hellacious defense of the Wolves. The Pacers are down in their series vs New York, but hope remains. What do they have to look forward to the rest of the series? The Cavaliers have built an impressive roster, but it just doesn’t seem to stack up well against the juggernaut Celtics. Is the series already over after one game? And lastly, we dive into the fascinating Mavericks vs Thunder series, featuring two of the top three finishers in MVP voting this year. How did the Thunder convincingly take over vs the Mavericks in game one? All that and more await you in episode #113!

Time Stamps:

Pacers vs Knicks: 3:04

Wolves vs Nuggets: 19:15

Cavaliers vs Celtics: 35:16

Mavericks vs Thunder: 50:37

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