Checking in on IST Champs, Celtics Rise/Pistons Fall

On this last NTC podcast of 2023, we welcome in No Trade Clause writer Avi Tyagi as he makes his first appearance on the broadcast. He joins host Aaron Washington to cover the Lakers and Pacers performance in the weeks since they dueled in the IST Championship. What do their efficency marks tells us about how they’ve been playing, did the tournament expose some major flaws, and what is the outlook for the rest of their seasons.

Later, the conversation shifts to the Pistons, as they continue to navigate one of the worst losing streaks in NBA history. Are things as bad as they seem in Detroit, and what has been a major bright spot for them so far. Lastly, they highlight the incredible play of the Celtics. Which players have stepped up in a big way and how has their playstyle overall contributed to the best record in the league?

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