NBA Gameplay Evolution From a Coaches Perspective

We have the very special opportunity this week to speak with Coach Nick from the Bballbreakdown Youtube channel! He is with us for episode 99 as we get his input on how elite players are cleverly using the rules and new skills to draw fouls and how that has fired up the NBA community on several levels.

We also get into how NBA offenses have become more efficent over time. How high will offensive efficency get and is there any end in sight?

The final segment of the podcast is the one you really don’t want to miss. Coach Nick gives us an inside look at how he created a revolutionary defensive scheme that if implemented properly, can help teams at all levels tone down the amount of pick and rolls and three point attempts the opposition gets over the course of a game!

Time Stamps:

Foul Drawing: 2:12

Offensive Evolution: 15:59

Defensive Strategies: 30:21

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