January 15, 2023

o   Players signed on/before October 15 can be traded
§  Applies to Larry Bird or Early Bird FAs who re-sign with prior team, the team is over the cap & player receives a raise > 20%
o   Last day to sign a player to a 2-Way Contract (from July 1 – Jan 15)
o   Last day to apply for a Disabled Player Exception (from July 1 – Jan 15)
§  Allows a team that is over the cap to replace a disabled player who will be out for the remainder of that season (or b/c of death). This exception is granted by the league, based on an application from the team & a determination by an NBA-designated physician or Fitness to Play panel that the player is substantially more likely than not to be unable to play through June 15.
o   If approved, the DPE expires when a player is acquired, when the disabled player returns or is traded, or on March 10th… whichever comes first.
If a replacement player is signed and then the disabled player eventually returns, they may be activated and the replacement player is not affected