Power Rankings – 11/01

By: Devin Zanskas

1. Utah Jazz:
Per Nekias Duncan, through 4 games the Jazz had a league leading 114.1 offensive rating. They also were shooting the highest frequency of corner three pointers in the NBA, but ranked 26th in that respect, which will return to normal

2. Golden State Warriors:
Is Damion Lee who we thought Jordan Poole would be? Nemanja Bjelica has been unleashed in this Warriors offense

3. Brooklyn Nets:
The Nets mounted an inspiring comeback versus the ‘6ers with a 15-1 run in the last 5 minutes of regulation

4. Denver Nuggets:
Jokic went down after 15 minutes versus the Jazz, but posted 24 points, six rebounds, and six assists, and didn’t miss a single game afterwards

5. Miami Heat:
The Heat trounced half of the Wisconsin Herd then lost to the Pacers. To be fair, they’ve also won four games straight since

6. Milwaukee Bucks:
The NBA champs are still without Jrue and Brook. However, Giannis is Giannis. They had an exciting game against the Timberwolves, but couldn’t pull through after a late run

7. Philadelphia 76ers:
The ‘6ers had a disheartening loss to the Nets. There’s still no sign of Simmons, but Embiid is willing to play through injury early

8. Chicago Bulls:
The Bulls’ hot start helped prove doubters wrong, but they beat the Pistons twice and Pelicans without Zion for their first three wins

9. Los Angeles Lakers:
Fitting in on the Lakers really looked difficult when AD and Dwight were arguing while down by 30 versus the Suns and losing to OKC. However, no one should count them out

10. New York Knicks:
The Knicks won in an overtime thriller and beat the ‘6ers and Bulls. However, they also fell to the Magic and the Pelicans without Zion

11. Phoenix Suns:
The Suns embarrassed the Lakers and only lost to the Nuggets and Kings by a combined five points. However, they have some drama that could become a distraction right now

12. Atlanta Hawks:
After making the eastern conference finals, the young squad still has plenty of room to grow, but they’re just .500 against average-at-best competition

13. Charlotte Hornets:
Miles Bridges has looked like a future Allstar, but they’re relying a lot on internal development to remain where they are, given that they had an up-and-down offseason

14. Memphis Grizzlies:
Morant and the Grizzlies are similar to Hornets, but Ja has grown more than LaMelo with another year under his belt. The difference is that the Grizzlies don’t have a wing talent like Bridges, but they both had an underwhelming free agency

15. Washington Wizards:
The Wizards have taken care of business against the teams they should’ve, but their lack of blue-chip athletes may not give them a chance versus the upper echelon

16. Dallas Mavericks: 4-2
The Mavericks haven’t outperformed expectations either, and their leadership council does not provide enough faith to their fans

17. Portland Trail Blazers: 3-3
Damian Lillard has had an incredibly slow start, with scoring totals eclipsed by his those from his rookie year. However, he and his team will regress to the mean.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves: 3-2
The Timberwolves projected to have an improved season after everything Karl-Anthony Towns went through last year and Anthony Edwards having a season under his belt, but not many would’ve foreseen them closing out a tight contest versus the Bucks

19. LA Clippers: 1-4
Many observers we intrigued by the some of the Clippers’ roster moves on the margins like adding Bledsoe, Winslow, and re-signing Batum. However, it may take another MVP caliber season from PG to keep them afloat for Kawhi’s return

20. Toronto Raptors: 4-3
Even the biggest Scottie Barnes believers may have had a difficult time imaging him as the best player in the draft right away, but he might just be that as of now. However, they haven’t faced the most outstanding competition to date

21. Sacramento Kings: 3-3
Last season the Kings had one of the worst defensive ratings in NBA history, and analysts mocked their choice of drafting another guard behind Fox and Haliburton in Mitchell, but he and some additions at center have it more difficult to play against them

22. Boston Celtics: 2-4
The Celtics narrowly lost to the Knicks in overtime, but they also lost to the Raptors and the Wizards twice

23. Cleveland Cavaliers: 3-4
The Cavaliers defied the modern NBA by starting Markkanen, Mobley, and Allen together, but they pulled off some impressive victories over the Hawks and Nuggets

24. Indiana Pacers: 1-6
The Pacers seem to forever be on the fringes of the playoffs. Handing the Heat their sole loss is a start, but it would’ve been more encouraging had they tallied another win

25. San Antonio Spurs: 2-4
The Spurs are in a similar boat as the Pacers, having perennial success. However, they’re lacking a star, which is how they missed on the playoffs two times in a row for the first time in franchise history. Although, they’ve played Nuggets, Lakers, and the Bucks twice

26. Orlando Magic: 1-6
The Magic overcame the Knicks once, and even though Suggs hasn’t looked like the franchise changer that he was advertised as, but they’ve gotten pleasant surprises from Anthony and Wagner

27. Detroit Pistons: 1-5
Detroit might be the most competitive of the teams tanking for a top five pick with Grant and Bey. They will also be helped once their number one pick, Cade, is able to be active for a couple more games

28. New Orleans Pelicans: 1-6
It’s no surprise that the Pelicans aren’t playing up to their standard without Zion, but letting go of Lonzo has already aged poorly. Evidently, Ingram can’t do everything either

29. Oklahoma City Thunder: 1-5
John Hollinger suggested that the Thunder are worse than “The Process” ‘6ers. However, their only win being against the Lakers may be the craziest headline to date.

30. Houston Rockets: 1-5
The Rockets destroyed the Thunder, but they had less luck versus the Finals contenders. There’s a case to be made though that one would choose the Rockets over the Thunder