Click the link below to view the in-depth “Salary Cap Prospectus” for the San Antonio Spurs, which (i) analyzes SAS’s salary cap status, (ii) reviews upcoming imminent roster decisions, (iii) reviews the pertinent CBA changes affecting the team and (iv) analyzes two different offseason “pathways” for the team and how the new CBA will affect those roster decisions.

Click here – San Antonio Spurs Salary Cap Prospectus

Why I decided to do this:

With so many new CBA changes being discussed in the media, I wanted to apply a practical application of the new rules to different team situations. I do want to note, this Prospectus is relying on the deal memo and not the text of the new CBA as it has not been released. Thus, some of the information may change accordingly.

Team Selection Approach:

I took two teams with different salary cap outlooks in the 2023-2024 Offseason: 

  1. A team below the Minimum Salary Threshold (Spurs);
  2. A team projected to be over the newly implemented “Second Apron” (Warriors).


I did not want to opine on what a team should do, but instead wanted to determine the salary cap consequences if a team took different potential “Pathways” given (i) the team’s current salary cap situation and (ii) the phasing in of the new CBA rule changes through the 2025-2025 Salary Cap Year.

How to Read this Prospectus:

Feel free to use the links to jump to the information needed to better absorb the information. This does not read like a narrative. The Salary Cap numbers and roster breakdowns are there for reference for the “Pathways” and provide background why certain CBA changes affect this team the most.