1. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors top the list and are the NBA leaders in defensive rating and net rating with 100.1 and 13.6, respectively, and Steph Curry is second in points per game despite the rule changes


  1. Phoenix Suns

The Suns haven’t lost since before Halloween, as some analysts have been clamoring for Mikal Bridges defensive player of the year votes

  1. Brooklyn Nets

Only Kevin Durant leads Steph Curry in points per game and on the MVP ladder. He naturally deserves much of the credit for the Nets being second in the East even without Kyrie Irving

  1. Miami Heat

Bam Adebayo tore the UCL in his right thumb, but he will return in four to six weeks. They may still be just below the Bucks and Nets in eastern conference champion contention though

  1. Chicago Bulls

The former Lakers guards in Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso might be getting more press than ever, because their talents are malleable, and their previous team(s) could undoubtably use them

  1. Utah Jazz

Many hold the Jazz in the same regard as the Bucks last season, where they must wait to see the postseason before giving them as high of praise. Rudy Gay with help their playoff potency

  1. Washington Wizards

Although the star power of Russell Westbrook allows room for a higher ceiling, bringing in five rotation pieces provides support when Bradley Beal is shooting 27% from the three-point line

  1. Milwaukee Bucks

When asked what the biggest reason for the Bucks’ 8-game win streak was, Jrue Holiday pointed to fact they hadn’t lost since Khris Middleton returned. They’re still trying to get healthy though

  1. Boston Celtics

There’s been negativity towards Boston, possibly due to the added depth and high expectations, but their athleticism and the Al Horford return has made them top five in defensive rating

  1. LA Clippers

After a rough start against some difficult competition, the Clippers have continued to make lemonade out of lemons without Kawhi Leonard

  1. Philadelphia 76ers

Without Ben Simmons, the ‘6ers have maintained their success behind a spark from Tyrese Maxey, Seth Curry taking advantage of his added usage, and Joel Embiid playing at a MVP level

  1. Dallas Mavericks

Despite the controversial coach exchange, the Mavericks have held up this season behind Kristaps scoring 26 points per game for a two week stretch and Luka being Luka

  1. Charlotte Hornets

LaMelo Ball is known as more than a scorer, but he dropped a career high 36 points against the reigning NBA champions. The Hornets were also a Miles Bridges halfcourt shot away from a win

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers

A quarter of the way through the regular season, the Cavaliers are testing the fans’ small sample sized theater by remaining in the playoff picture after losing Collin Sexton

  1. Denver Nuggets

Entering this season, many analysts still humored the idea of a Nuggets championship, even without Murray, but it may to tough of sledding now that Porter Jr. is out for the year


  1. New York Knicks

Surprisingly, Kemba Walker was removed from the Knicks rotation after starting 18 games, because there’s a night and day difference between their defense when he’s off the court

  1. Atlanta Hawks

A six-game losing streak immediately followed by a seven-game winning streak naturally places the Hawks right around .500, but that’s still below preseason expectations

  1. Los Angeles Lakers

After a disappointing triple overtime loss, nearly a fight the next night, and LeBron entering the Health and Safety Protocols, the Lakers are still searching for some positive press

  1. Portland Trail Blazers

Unfortunately, the rumors of Damian Lillard being traded are still looming, as they are dead last in defensive rating, despite all of the chatter when Chauncey Billups became their coach

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves

There are feelings that Anthony Edwards, who’s averaging 22 points per game, might have the alpha mentality to bring Karl-Anthony Towns and the Timberwolves a more promising future

  1. Indiana Pacers

The bottom of the eastern conference somehow features the Pacers, after fans believed their season could not be any worse than last year, because of the Rick Carlisle addition

  1. Toronto Raptors

Just as advertised, the Raptors seem to be one of the teams that players are less excited to play against because of their length and tenacity on defense, but their offense quite doesn’t keep up

  1. Memphis Grizzlies

The worst loss in NBA history was handed out by the Grizzlies to the Thunder, as they had a 73-point margin of victory, but they will be without Ja Morant for at least a couple more weeks

  1. Sacramento Kings

With eight coaches holding the title of head coach since 2010, Sacramento fans may feel a little disenchanted, but they’re still knocking on the door of the play-in tournament

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder

Inheriting the worst loss in ever is absolutely a poor look, but they recently fired off a four-game win streak, which is more than what most teams can say around their spot in the standings

  1. San Antonio Spurs

Sadly, the Spurs’ previous six-game losing streak might be more representative of their season than their current win streak based on their record

  1. New Orleans Pelicans

The game winner against the Utah Jazz from Devonte Graham was a welcomed sight for fans in New Orleans, but even a return from Zion probably can’t save their season at this point

  1. Detroit Pistons

It’s a wonder to many how Cade Cunningham isn’t in the rookie of the year conversation, but it’s certainly too soon to give up on him

  1. Houston Rockets

The absence of Jalen Green and the hesitance of Coach Stephen Silas to play other rookies might have something to do with the Rockets’ recent success, but the youth will still their priority

  1. Orlando Magic

As if the Magic weren’t dealing with enough injuries, like those that afflicted Isaac and Fultz and sparked the rebuild last trade deadline, Suggs will miss several weeks with a fractured thumb