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By |2022-03-02T00:21:33+00:00February 26, 2022|OPINION PIECES|

Power Rankings - 2/26 By: Devin Zanskas Phoenix Suns Phil Jackson said that a team that reaches 40 wins before 20 losses can win a championship. Does losing less than 10 games before winning 40 mean one [...]

By |2022-02-24T04:14:54+00:00February 24, 2022|OPINION PIECES|

Trade Deadline Big Picture Takeaways - Eastern Conference By: Avi Tyagi As before, I’ll split this column into multiple categories. The Harden trade and the two teams making it get their own piece. The Kings are not [...]

By |2022-02-14T05:09:55+00:00February 14, 2022|OPINION PIECES|

Trade Deadline Big Picture Takeaways - Western Conference By: Avi Tyagi I’ll split this column into 4 categories. No proclamations of winners or losers, that’s pretty bold to make when half these deals are playoff oriented. The [...]

Second Draft Trade Candidates

By |2022-02-07T17:42:54+00:00February 7, 2022|OPINION PIECES|

Second Draft Trade Candidates By: Avi Tyagi Most of the trade deadline chatter is often about the biggest stars, as it rightfully should be. These are often players that can quickly change a team’s playoff fortunes and [...]

New Year, New Knicks?

By |2022-01-09T22:38:23+00:00January 9, 2022|OPINION PIECES|

  By: Devin Zanskas Earning homecourt advantage in the first round of the playoffs was a massive victory for a franchise that hadn’t even been there in seven seasons. To put that into perspective, their number one [...]

By |2021-11-15T16:30:11+00:00November 15, 2021|OPINION PIECES|

Are the Warriors Contenders Again? By: Devin Zanskas The first team to more than eight wins in this NBA season was the Golden State Warriors with a 10-1 record. Their sole loss came against the Memphis Grizzlies [...]

By |2021-11-15T16:01:01+00:00November 15, 2021|OPINION PIECES|

Power Rankings - 11/01 By: Devin Zanskas 1. Utah Jazz: Per Nekias Duncan, through 4 games the Jazz had a league leading 114.1 offensive rating. They also were shooting the highest frequency of corner three pointers in [...]

By |2021-11-15T16:01:41+00:00November 15, 2021|SALARY CAP SERIES|

2018 Draft Class: Extension Opportunities and Obstacles By: Devin Zanskas The NBA’s deadline for rookie extensions among players drafted in the first round of the 2018 draft was on October 18th. Meanwhile, Collin Sexton’s future beyond this [...]

The Evolution of Julius Randle

By |2021-06-06T20:59:28+00:00June 6, 2021|OPINION PIECES|

The Evolution of Julius Randle Devin Zanskas Julius Randle recently won the NBA Most Improved Player trophy for the 2020-2021 season, by averaging 24.1 points, 10.2 rebounds, and six assists per game. When fans consider this award, [...]

The Inaugural Play-In Tournament

By |2021-05-28T21:26:40+00:00May 28, 2021|OPINION PIECES|

The Inaugural Play-In Tournament By: Devin Zanskas In response to the pandemic, the NBA’s execution of the Orlando Bubble is an accomplishment to be proud of. Under those terrible circumstances, the association was forced to be creative. [...]

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